Powder Coat: A Green Technology

Powder coat is an environmentally friendly process.  The powder is not a significant health, fire, or environmental hazard (in dry form it is called a “nuisance dust” because it makes a dusty mess if spilled).  As a comparison, wet paint is flammable, carcinogenic, and full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Because powder coat is applied in dry form electrostatically, transfer efficiencies over 90% can be achieved to minimize waste.  In special cases, powder that doesn’t end up on the parts can even be reclaimed and reused.  As a comparison, wet paint transfer efficiencies can easily drop below 50%, and overshoot goes right into the environment.

We use sustainable, green business practices and care deeply about protecting our future. You can be sure your next project will look great and have a minimal effect on the environment as well. Want to learn more about our shop and how we operate? Come visit our facility!